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Fractal Art by jon camp


Click on image for full size rendering

Here are a few fractals I have post-processed using various art packages including Photoshop 5.0 and Paint Shop Pro. They have ceased to be fractals in the purest sense but I believe they still retain the essence of chaos that was present in the original fractal. These also express my emotion better than anything else I have ever done and can be considered my most personal work. - jon


<[twisted metal]>
I liked this on so much after creating it that it is now my desktop. This
mirrored my emotion very closely that night. I was very tied up inside
with things going on that week. I do not think that this picture is in any
way "dark", at its center there is a star shapped pattern very similar to
the above fractal.



<[negative blue]>
This one ended up doing more for my mom than anybody else. She
has provided me with the inspiration that I express in my art.



For I can do all things through Him


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