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About Classic Games Emulation


Classic Games Emulation is a web site devoted to emulation for the purpose of playing classic games. There are articles on classic systems and games for console systems and the PC, as well as general articles about classic gaming.

If you're just getting started, read Emulation first.

There are no ROMs on CGE for copyright reasons. Remember, if you don't own a game, it is illegal to download a ROM image of it. CGE supports copyright laws for ideological reasons, and we encourage others too also. Please respect this. Moreover, I presently have a rather slow internet connection and I don't have many ROMs anyway, so please don't ask me for any ROM images.

Contacting CGE

We welcome reader input (translation: "please say something!"). If you have any comments or suggestions (or corrections), you can send them to Ben Martin at

How This Site Was Created

A variety of editors have been used to create CGE. The most important were plain old Notepad, MEmacs on an Amiga (!!!), and an HTML editor called Site Aid. I've also used an old version (from back when it was still freeware!) of Home Site and Arachnophilia and MS-DOS Edit. Much of the aesthetics (including color scheme and some of the layout) was designed by Jon Camp, webmaster of chaotic n-space. Some proofreading was done by my sister, Beth Martin.

Created May 28, 1998. Last updated February 13, 1998.