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Emulation News

Find out what's new on this site.

Visit EMU News for the most comprehensive emulation news available! (That's where I get most of my news anyway...) Also try Emulation Camp.

I've moved the old news items (May through August 98) to a seprate page for old news.

Old News (December 19, 1998 through January 25, 1999)
z26 at 1.25
You can get it from (EMU News)
VICE 0.16.1 Released
You can get it from News)
(EMU News)
ZSNES 0.800a Released
You can get it from (EMU News)
SNes9x 1.16a for DOS and Windows Released
You can get it from (EMU News)
Intellivision Lives! Released
The Bluesky Rangers have released Intellivision Lives. Including almost 80 games (by my count, though they only say "over 50"), it sells for $29.95, available from their website. (EMU News and The Bluesky Rangers)
December 17, 1998
Downloadable Version of Cloanto's Amiga Forever Released
Cloanto's Amiga Forever is a legal, licensed emulation package that emulates the Amiga on PCs and UNIX systems. The Amiga Forever Online Edition is a scaled down version of that product that includes only version 1.3 and 3.1 of the operating system, and includes Personal Paint 6.4 instead of 7.1. It can be downloaded for $19.99. See Cloanto's page on it for more information. (EMU News and Cloanto)
December 10, 1998
New Atari 2600 ROM Prototypes Found, Including Combat 2
See Atari Gaming Headquarters for more information and screenshots. Their review of Combat 2 is rather negative, although they say the ROM appears to be from early stages of development. (EMU News and Atari Gaming Headquarters)
z26 Version 1.22 Released
The new version adds a ROM menu like PCAE's, so the user doesn't have to use any command line parameters. It is available from (EMU News)
December 5, 1998
Snes 9X 1.15 for DOS Released
This version mostly offers some bug fixes and compatibility improvement. Find it at (EMU News)
December 4, 1998
CGE Finally Updated
I've finally updated this site. See What's New for more information.
z26 Version 1.21 Released
The new version has a few minor changes, including new command line options. It is available from (EMU News)
November 15, 1998
z26 Version 1.20 Released
The new veresion fixes graphics problems with certain games. It is available from (EMU News)
November 8, 1998
z26 Updated to Version 1.19
Get it at (EMU News)
November 2, 1998
Come Back 64 at Version 0.98
The new release improves stability and compatibility. Find it at (EMU News)
ZSNES 0.715c
You can get it at (EMU News)
z26 1.18 Released
Get it at (EMU News)
FWNES Version 0.30 Released
October 24, 1998
z26 1.16 Released
The new version fixes some problems with certain video cards. Find it at (EMU News)
October 19, 1998
z26 1.15 Released
The new version adds some new video modes. Find it at (EMU News)
October 18, 1998
Snes 9X Source Released
Find it at (EMU News)
Come Back 64 at Version 0.97
Find it at (EMU News)
z26 1.14 Released
The new version adds PAL and paddle support. Find it at (EMU News)
October 7, 1998
Stella 1.0 (stable, not beta) Released
The new version improves emulation, and adds new controller support, among other things. Find it at (EMU News)
October 6, 1998
Snes 9X 1.10a for DOS Released
This version does not support netplay. Also note that the DOS version is not presently supported, until a new developer is found for it. Find it at (EMU News)
September 30, 1998
Snes 9X 1.1 Released
So far only the Linux and Solaris ports have been released, but the other versions should be comig soon. The new version fixes Mario Kart support and some other bugs, and it adds support for internet multiplayer (up to 5 players). Find it at (EMU News and Snes9X.COM)

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