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This list is only of the best and most popular emulators for MS-DOS and Windows. For more comprehensive lists, see Emulators at Archaic Ruins or the Emulators links section of EMU News.

Atari 2600 (see the features comparison chart) Stella1.1DOS, WIN, UNIX, et alFreewareHomepageAvailable for many platforms; portable
PCAE2.1DOSFreewareHomepageFastest emulator; good color reproduction
z261.25DOSFreewareHomepageFast DOS-based emulator
Intellivision Preview Release Volume 11.1.1DOSFreewareHomepageThe only currently available Intellivision emulator; includes legal ROM images; preview release of commercial version
Preview Release Volume 21.0DOSFreewareHomepageA second preview release; includes different ROM images
Intellivision LivesDOSCommercial ($29.95)HomepageIncludes many ROMs
Commodore 64 PC641.20DOSFreeware (formerly shareware)DownloadNo longer updated
PC64Win2.14WindowsFreeware (formerly shareware)DownloadBest Windows-based emulator for games; no longer updated
Frodo4.1DOS, WIN, UNIX, Amiga, et alFreewareHomepageAvailable for many platforms
VICE0.16.1DOS, WIN, UNIX, Amiga, et alFreewareHomepageEmulates multiple Commodore systems; available for many platforms
NES Nesticle0.43DOSFreewareDownloadBy far the best NES emulator
Nofrendo0.58DOSFreewareHomepageGraphics are less stable than NESticle, and there is no GUI
fwNes0.30DOS, LinuxFreewareHomepageAgain, graphics are a little less stable than NESticle
WinNES0.0.4WindowsFreewareHomepageThe only freeware NES emulator for Windows that supports windowed-mode. Still in early stages.
Gameboy Virtual Gameboy0.8.8 (DOS), 0.7.12 (Win)DOS, WIN, WIN CE, et alSharewareHomepage
Gameboy 97Build 2.937DOSFreewareHomepage
Super Nintendo Snes9x1.16aDOS, WIN, Amiga, LinuxFreewareHomepage

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