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The Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 was one of the most popular home computers ever, and also one of the greatest game platforms. It had incredible graphics and sound for its day, as it utilized the custom VIC graphics and SID sound chips. And it had an incredibly low price, being almost as cheap as most game consoles but with the flexibility of a computer (unlike today's comparatively expensive PCs).

It also had the benefit of some of the best game developers, particularly Epyx. Although they developed and released their games for many platforms, it was usually the Commodore 64 versions which seemed the most memorable (their Games series are still some of my favorite games).

The Commodore 64 quickly endeared itself to the market. It has been claimed that the C64 was the most popular home computer ever. But at any rate, by the early nineties, it was aging, and finally, stores and software dealers just stopped selling it and its software. Commodore finally discontinued production around 1992.

The Commodore 64: Technical Details

  • Dates: 1982 - 1992
  • Processor: MOS 6510 at 2.77 MHz
  • Other chips: 6581 SID sound chip, 1666/67 VIC-II graphics chip, et al.
  • Memory: 64 Kb
  • Data storage: 5.25" 256 KB Floppy Disk, Tape, Cartridge
  • Input: Keyboard, Digital Joystick, Mouse, et al
  • Cost: Around $500

    Classic Games on the Commodore 64

  • Games Series: Summer Games, Winter Games, Summer Games II, World Games, California Games (Epyx) [also released on other platforms]
  • Impossible Mission, Impossible Mission II (Epyx) [also released on other platforms]
  • GEOS (Berkley Softworks) - Okay, so it's not a game - but one of the first GUIs, and it ran on a 2 MHz microprocessor with 64 Kb of RAM!

    Commodore 64 Links

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