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The Mattel Intellivision

In 1980 Mattel released their answer to the Atari 2600: the Intellivision. The Intellivision was technically superior in many respects. It had better graphics than the Atari (although less colors), and later on Mattel added a voice synthesis module. But it didn't have many of the arcade licenses that Atari had, nor was it as cheap, and, as always, it came second (the first out always seems to have the advantage - unless the second system is made by Nintendo...).

Go to the Blue Sky Rangers' page for more information on the Intellivision.

The Mattel Intellivision: Technical Details

  • Dates: 1980 - 1984
  • Processor: General Instruments CP1610
  • Classic Games on the Intellivision

  • Astrosmash - the hottest shooter since Asteroids
  • ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS TREASURE OF TARMIN - an early 3D, first person perspective game
  • Intellivision Links

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