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What's New

February 22, 1999
Many of our old pages have not been converted to the new format yet, so currently there are many broken links. Additionally, some pages do not look too nice right now, due to font changes. I will try to get them all straightened out as soon as possible.
February 13, 1999
CGE has a new location: and a new look, consistent with the new style guidelines for chaotic n-space.
December 4, 1998
I have finally updated! I haven't had access to the server since mid-July, so I wasn't able to upload any of my changes, although I have made some improvements, not all of which may be documented right now. Now that I have the site working again (and with Christmas break coming up), I may do more work in the near future. I especially want to touch up some of the spotty writing, and correct some of my mistakes, but I will be adding content too.
I took down the high score list, because nobody cared anyway.
September 28, 1998
Finally! I have actually added something! I added Space War to the More Atari Games page, and I fixed a slight mistake about Adventure.
August 5, 1998
I have made small corrections to several pages. Right now I am working to add some more Atari games to the More Atari Games page, but I don't know when they will be ready.
July 30, 1998
I changed the front page so that it is organized more logically.
July 27, 1998
I added a Features Comparison for Atari Emulators, to help people choose which emulator best suits their needs. I think it turned out to be less useful than I thought it would be, because I decided to recommend that people use a mix of all four of the major emulators. Helpful, huh?
I added Okie Dokie and Oystron to the More Atari Games page.
July 6, 1998
Ouch, it's been a month, almost! I finally added my incomplete Guide to California Games (C64 version). It's not finished yet, but I figured what I had was good so why not post it. I hope to add some more pages to CGE soon.
June 10, 1998
Okay, I finally uploaded the changes I made on the seventh. I hadn't been been able to do so until now because I had some ftp problems.
I added More Atari 2600 Games.
June 7, 1998
I finally added the page on Dark Forces. I intend to do a revision of it soon because I haven't really proofread it or revised yet, but I wanted to get it up now that it was finally done.
I also reorganized the site a little, putting every system in its own folder, so your bookmarks may be broken. (Yeah, like anybody has a bookmark to any of these pages yet with my current traffic rate... Oh, well.)
I'm presently working on a page about the Super Mario Bros. series and a player's guide to the Commodore 64 version of California Games. When and if these projects will be finished remains to be seen, but I rather expect to finish the one on SMB soon. I also plan on adding more Atari 2600 games and a page on Commodore 64 games in the near future.
June 1, 1998
I added a page on Mario, and by that I mean Mario the character, not the video game series he stars in.
May 29, 1998
It occurs to me that CGE is now two months old, and I must say I'm rather dissatisfied with its rate of growth. The good news is that I should have lots of time to work on it in the near future. However, I would find it extremely helpful to hear from any readers (few as though they may be presently) on where you would like to see additions to this site and what could be improved about it. If you feel there is something you would like to contribute, I would be glad to see it also. You can contact me at
I did some minor revisions and error correction today.
May 28, 1998
I added Warlords to the Atari 2600 Games page, I added some screenshots and some information to the page on The Games Series, I added some games to the C64 High Scores List, and I did a slight reorganization, including putting the What's New list on its own page.
May 27, 1998
I added a page of information about the site, including contact information so that I wouldn't have to push my e-mail address all over the place. I also added a page of C64 high scores. So far I only have scores for some Epyx games, but I'll add some more soon. I also only have scores for myself so far, so somebody please send in some scores soon so my name doesn't show up sixty times (and remember, only from the real game, not an emulator).
May 9, 1998
I added a section on DOOM and Quake to the PC Games page.
April 27, 1998
I added a page on classic Atari 2600 games.
April 19, 1998
I added a page on Impossible Mission today.
April 10-11, 1998
I revised several of the pages.
April 7-8, 1998
I added the Intellivision section and updated some pages.
April 1-2, 1998
I reorganized the front page menu, and added an article, "Acquiring Classic Games," and an NES section.
March 28, 1998
Classic Games Emulation opens!

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Last updated February 13, 1999.